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Legal parties can still read the RT smear campaign of Todd and Clare in their article here, which primarily served as an attempt to deflect attention away from the Epstein pedophile ring that Julian Assange embroiled our female dating network through his illegal use of our website as described in detail in the UN report.After seeing our names libeled in the press, in addition to the extreme death threats of aggravated mayhem we’ve been faced on white supremacist troll sites where racial vigilantism has been fueled, we’re relieved that our parties have successfully shielded most of our colleagues’ identities from public disclosure in the continental US.“The best defense is a good attack, find and kill these white niggers.” Those were the instructions issued by Jeffrey Epstein on the Todd and Clare network, our female ex-employees and ex-dating site members now terrorized by a white supremacist mob on Reddit and 4Chan.The relationship can end either good, bad, or neutral, giving the story a little more depth.Playing the game myself, I found the game to be a little too slow paced for my own tastes.It’s there that he meets five young women with a variety of disabilities ranging from burn scars, amputations, and the inability to hear.was released by 4 Leaf Studios, named after the 4Chan logo.Different decisions can change Nakai’s path for better or for worse.There are five paths he can go down; one for each girl.

We’ve been legally advised to publish these materials to demonstrate that the core of reddit trolling of Todd and Clare has a specific racial agenda, designed to obfuscate the UN report that high ranking UN-affiliated pedophiles in the Assange ring with Jeffrey Epstein covered up.

The anonymous group has been mandated to find scapegoats from the most harassed, targeted group in our society—African American blacks—across the United States and Canada, accusing these unconnected people of being the authors of our website, and advocating mass genocide on those racial parties.

Pictures published in the secret 4Chan group appeared with comments from Reddit trolls dated January 2018, to quote them, “. Zyklon B comes to mind.”The Russian content with lynching pictures on the white supremacist forum is not surprising.

To sweep the pedophile ring under the carpet, the white supremacist network has launched Operation Nigger and Operation Dindu, identified by our leading US investigators, which aims to hound random black males across the US and Canada with the intention of deflecting legal attention away from the contents of a deleted UN Report, the subject of Wikileaks’ phoney public denial issued back in October 2016: UN system, British Court & PRWeb used to launch elaborate #Pedo Plot against Assange during height of election pubs https://t.co/oa Ee J1eft Z pic.twitter.com/RUInc9uzqv— Wiki Leaks (@wikileaks) 12 October 2016There is a media black out on reporting of Todd and Clare’s investigation and child protection activities, Assange having successfully got away with raping women in Sweden, the online grooming and molesting of a child through our dating network, among other attacks on US national security.

The Jewish media connections protecting Assange are strong however.

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This makes the game more of an interactive graphic novel than a dating simulator, with some of the choices allowing you more freedom and some of the choices set in stone.

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