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Cllocationmanager not updating

No device-specific serial number or ID is returned from this API.

Will return null when the GNSS hardware abstraction layer does not support providing this value.

Requires the add Test Provider(String name, boolean requires Network, boolean requires Satellite, boolean requires Cell, boolean has Monetary Cost, boolean supports Altitude, boolean supports Speed, boolean supports Bearing, int power Requirement, int accuracy) Set a proximity alert for the location given by the position (latitude, longitude) and the given radius.

When the device detects that it has entered or exited the area surrounding the location, the given Pending Intent will be used to create an Intent to be fired.

Choosing a sensible value for min Time is important to conserve battery life.However it is more difficult for location providers to save power using the min Distance parameter, so min Time should be the primary tool to conserving battery life.If your application wants to passively observe location updates triggered by other applications, but not consume any additional power otherwise, then use the This provider does not actively turn on or modify active location providers, so you do not need to be as careful about min Time and min Distance.Due to the approximate nature of position estimation, if the device passes through the given area briefly, it is possible that no Intent will be fired.Similarly, an Intent could be fired if the device passes very close to the given area but does not actually enter it.

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