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I’m not saying that guys shouldn’t be sensitive or emotional – this is part of being human, it’s okay.All I’m saying is that it only becomes a problem when you let it turn into judgment. When I first started getting serious with women, they would do things that made absolutely no sense to me at the time.Maybe you want to change yourself or your partner or the relationship.You’re looking for answers because of a feeling you have. There is nothing wrong with accepting that you’re emotional since we’re all emotional.The reality is that most guys simply don’t understand female behavior.

Because we humans do everything based on our emotions, just because we say something doesn’t mean we’re going to actually do that.

The guys that try to change and control the behavior of their ‘crazy’ girlfriend always cause more problems because it’s not possible to control the emotions of other individuals.

Something that I used to talk about all the time is that actions always speak louder than words.

I’ve dated women that I knew I shouldn’t date due to her being in a position where she wasn’t ready. One of my core relationship mindsets is that you can learn to attract women naturally when you put my relationship system to work.

And this brought out all the craziness I knew I should avoid. But sometimes we just really want these relationships to work out. By doing so, you can date any woman — even if she’s wild, crazy, emotional and out of this world. As long as you have the right relationship mindsets and you’re doing the right things, the craziness should rarely bother you. Over the years, I’ve dated a lot of different women. And as it would turn out, they all have their moments where they can be a bit ‘crazy’.

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They usually have more experience, more knowledge, more understanding, etc.

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