Dating someone with ocd

Dating someone with ocd

I finally confronted him about it two weeks ago (whilst drunk).He got really upset and confessed that he was officially diagnosed as having OCD five years ago.

About 2 months ago, I invited him round to my house. I thought he was just nervous because we hadn't had sex yet.

He said he has tried some treatments, but none of them have worked. Before I found out about his OCD, I really thought we would have a long term thing. the habits, thoughts and thoughts are so ingrained they become part of you and essential to carry a nutshell, you have to accept from the outset that it may always be a part of him.

However, I'm now struggling to connect with him as I feel that he's secretly repulsed by me (which he says he's not). I want him to try more OCD treatments, but I don't know if it's my place to tell him this or not? Things wont be as straight forward as someone without OCD and the systems he needs to adhere to may be very disruptive and frustrating to every day things like shopping for groceries to travelling together on a where he maybe distraught because of germs etc.

Just because our rituals manifest in ways you haven’t heard of before doesn’t mean we aren’t struggling with OCD.

One of the most difficult parts of living with OCD is that part of you knows that you’re being ridiculous.

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could you cope with any of his rules, "don't set that there, its germy! He has got to be as transparent and upfront as he can so you know the extent of his obsessions and anxiety.

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