Exudating wounds definition

Exudating wounds definition

All of these signs in a wound bed are an indication of infection.

Purulent drainage is never considered to be normal.

Exudate is the fluid produced by a wound as it heals, and it is a normal part of the healing process.

But accidents happen, and sometimes your skin barrier is broken, either because of a cut or scrape, or some other type of injury.

In summary, the fluid produced by a healing wound, or exudate, tells you a great deal as to how the wound is healing.

Clear, scent-free drainage, known as serous exudate, is most often a good sign that the wound is knitting itself together properly.

Thus, a small amount of blood is mixed with the normal serous exudate.

The most common culprit for this type of drainage is improper wound dressing changes. In this case the root word is pus, meaning foul or corrupt. The color can vary widely, but it is almost always opaque.

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The wastes are gotten rid of via this clear, oozing liquid known as serous exudate. An easy way to remember about serous exudate is with the phrase 'serous is NOT serious.' This will remind you that this type of drainage from a wound is considered normal during the healing process.

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